Downloads Build One!

The files needed to build your own Electrospinner are all available on github. The Cabinet and Syringe files can be downloaded separately. I'm doing that because you can always use your own syringe pump if you have one around or just don't like this one.

The syringe zip file has all the files needed to build it, other than the assembly manual. The cabinet files are divided up between the manual, the STL's and the DXF's to make a more reasonable download size.

NOTE: The software files are not on the Github site yet!

Zip file of all the laser cut pieces in DXF format.

Zip file of all the 3D printed parts in STL format.

Cabinet assembly instructions PDF.

Arduino firmware to control the machine. You can then run the machine from any serial terminal program, or the Windows program.

Windows control software. Note: you do not 'need' the Windows software, it's just for convenience.

Zip File of all the files needed to build the syringe pump.

Syringe assembly manual PDF