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Posted on 7/20/2016 1:48:32 PM by Douglas

Looking to put together a team.

With the end of the contest for us, it's time to look to the future of this project. It WILL go on! How fast and how far may depend on you!

I'm looking for people interested on helping take this forward. If interested please message me.

The end goal is the same, an open source electrospinning machine for makers. While I feel I have made great progress, it will take more than myself to take it as far as I know it can go.

It has been suggested several times that maybe this would make a great Kickstarter campaign, and that's one of the things the team would need to work on if we decide to go that way. Other skills helpful would be in variable output HV power supply design and just an interest in advancing amateur science in this area. Of course, just a need to explore new ground for makers is also most welcome! Web design and ability to put together great videos would also help.

There is still a lot of ground to cover here, including accessories that need to be designed, built and tested, as well as developing processes and procedures that can be replicated by almost anyone.

If you're interested, message me and we'll see if you are a good fit for this project, and possibly would make a great team member of a (possible) Kickstarter project.

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