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Posted on 5/2/2016 12:11:02 PM by Douglas

Power Supply Done.

Yep, got the power supply done. Built and tested the voltage multiplier, and it works great. Turned about a third the way up it will hold a nice 30mm spark. Haven't tried a spark at full voltage but I bet it would be good.

Got the high voltage resistors this morning, so I added in the voltage divider. A 100meg resistor and a 1 meg resistor take care of that, and bring the voltage down from 40kV to 400 volts, which even my cheapest meter will handle. So no more guessing what the output voltage really is.

The tub is a tad bit larger than I intended to use, but it as the best I could grab before the wife chased me out of the kitchen, so I'm going with it. Still need to make up some insulating cups around those terminals on top. Maybe I can get that done in the morning. Sure love to get all that high power stuff in a box of it's own, and that'll happen here soon. I had to take a few days off to get my pacemaker replaced, so I have some catching up to do. Being sore won't keep me down, and I sure look forward to putting this thing to good use!
BTW: It took 1400 ml of mineral oil to fill the tub up once I got everything in it, but it's doing it's job just fine.
Well, that about catches you up. So back to work for me...

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