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Posted on 4/16/2016 8:59:24 AM by Douglas

Coming together...

The machines base is coming along nicely. With my desire to keep the amount of metal in the chamber as low as possible, because metal and 30kV spell trouble, I went with PVC pipe. Available anywhere and cheap it's working pretty darn well. Add in some 3D printed parts and some laser cut melamine and I've got smooth movement top to bottom. Still need to get the outer case and door made. The electronics are the same as for the syringe, so no extra cost there.

The entire thing can be made with a 3D printer and something to cut wood with. Yes, I used my laser cutter, and all the parts are sized to fit in one of the standard sized hobby lasers from China. But they can all be cut by hand if no laser is available.

The costs come out like this, with the added comment that I still have enough acrylic and melamine left to make another one.

1 Stepper motor $15.00

1 Melamine Panel $26.00

1 Acrylic 30" X 36" X .080 $16.99

1 Micro Switch $1.50

1 Timing Belt $5.00

1 Timing pulley $8.00

5 PVC Sch 40 Pipe 3/4" $6.40

8 PVC 3/4" Cap $2.88

Misc Screws/Nuts/Bolts $5.00

Total $86.77

The movement is smooth enough that I'm wondering if a guy couldn't make this into a full blown Delta style 3D printer. It's wouldn't take all that much extra effort. I'm sure accuracy wouldn't be up to playing with the big boys, but for the cost and ease of producing with common tools, not counting the 3D printed parts, it'd be a decent starter machine for sure.

Next steps: Get the outer case and door done, then, if the last parts get here finally, build the power supply. All I'm missing is the cap's for the voltage multiplier and I'm hoping they end up on my doorstep any day now.

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