Completely Open Source

All files and software are open source, so you can build one yourself. Complete step-by-step instructions will be available.

Made From Readily Available Parts

Common materials lets you source from local suppliers as much as possible.


Accurate enough to give you repeatable results, time after time. Share your recipes and be assured they will get the same results, every time.

Learn Together

Electrospinning is coming back! While it's been around for decades, new advances in materials is making it cutting edge today. It's only in the last five or six years that we've learned how some materials act at the nanoscale, and this project WILL operate at that scale. Have you ever seen transparent conductive acrylic? I have. I made it myself on the prototype machine! Building a community to explore all the new avenues available to us is critical! We'll have all the information you'll need right here in one place.

Explore Our Website.

Take a look around! We're new, but we're adding content all the time. We'll have all the resources and links you'll need to get up to speed with electrospinning. In particular check out the FAQ's. It will explain a lot and bring you up to speed quickly. Our hope is that you'll consider joining us and build your own machine!

Here are a few pictures to get your attention. There will be plenty more around the website.